In a setting that is warm and welcoming, intimate and inviting, events at the Harlem Arts Salon take place in the historic Graham Court apartments in Harlem at the home of Margaret Porter and Quincy Troupe, poet and writer. NunezSalonFood

Fashioned after A’Lelia Walker’s salons during the Harlem Renaissance, the Harlem Arts Salon, created in 2004 as a project of Margaret Porter Troupe Arts Projects, represents a continuation of the work I’ve done most of my professional life: providing a forum (as well as a support system) for contemporary writers, performers, and visual artists, primarily artists of color.


Counter clockwise: Danny Glover, Ras Baraka (newly-elected Mayor of Newark, NJ) Obery Hendricks, and Felipe Luciano in conversation at the Harlem Arts Salon February 16, 2014

At the Harlem Arts Salon, visitors can meet poets, writers, musicians, and other creative thinkers who are among the most celebrated, distinguished, and renowned cultural icons living and working today and find a community of like-minded lovers of literature and art. Admission is by invitation only. Call us at (212) 749-7771 or email

We serve a delicious home-cooked meal and rounds of stimulating conversation designed to whet your appetite and bring you back for seconds, thirds, or as much as your palate and intellect can take. Something good is always cooking at the Harlem Arts Salon. Welcome to our site. Hope you enjoy it!

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