golda_solomonCome cozy up with us on Sunday, April 7, at 2:30pm, and  listen to the sassy, sensual performance of Golda Solomon reading from her latest book of poetry, The Medicine Woman of Jazz.

Golda loves the sounds of words as much as the meanings they convey. A gifted wordsmith with a syncopated soul, she paints vivid imagery and plants seeds of wisdom while honoring the groove and capturing the rhythm of blues in her poetry with a passionate flair and dynamic delivery spiced with a sly humor that can be traced back to her Flatbush roots. With an eye for detail and an ear for rhythm, Golda demonstrate a strong affinity for the inherent nuances and happy accidents of improvised music while also reveling in a clever turn of phrase, a well chosen word, just the right touch of alliteration.A trio of fine musicians,  including “woodwind improvisor,” saxman Will Connell, Jr, bassist, Larry Roland, and drummer and musical director, Michael T.A. Thompson, to put a jazzy back beat on a beautiful afternoon!

Michael TA Thompson

Michael TA Thompson

   Will Connell Jr
Larry Roland

Larry Rolan

Taste a tantalizing sample of Golda’s style OLDER WOMAN’S BLUES

Golda Solomon is a communications, speech, and theater arts; a poet, performer, producer, and docent; a supporter of women  writers and musicians as well as young musicians, poets, and performers. She was project director of Po’Jazz at The Hudson Valley Writers’ Center, Sleepy Hollow, New York for four years before bringing the series to The Cornelia Street Café, Greenwich Village NYC in 2003.

The series is 6PM Third Thursdays, September-December and February-June  ( Golda has pioneered several unique businesses including JazzJaunts, a personalized jazz service, and, with Barbara Sfraga, ICAAN (Interactive Communication and Arts Network), which provides innovative, on-site, organization-specific arts programming to workplaces, schools, and other organizations. She has a collection of poetry, Flatbush Cowgirl, published in 1999, for which she co-produced a companion CD, First Set.  She also co-produced the CD Po’Jazz: Takin’ It To The Hollow, which includes over 20 poets and musicians. Her most recent CD is Word Riffs. “She uses speech-song to explore words as percussive and melodic entities and Jazz as a cultural force is the topic of her discourse”-Suzanne Lorge, All About Jazz.

In 2002, Golda’s poetry won first prize at the Writer’s Workshop in Asheville, North Carolina. She is a two time named International Women in Jazz awardee, and invited to perform her jazz-flavored poetry at a celebration of the organization’s 10th anniversary and at the First International Women In Jazz Festival, both held at the “Jazz Church”, St. Peter’s in midtown Manhattan. Several of her poems are currently featured on the poetry page of  Her work appears regularly in The Mom Egg and Solomon may also be found in the anthology, Heal (Clique Calm Books). She is currently working on a new collection titled, Never More Than A Borough Away: Brooklyn Bops. Her book and CDs are available on, and directly from

EJ Antonio

EJ Antonio

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Special Guest:  Poet EJ Antonio will make the introductions!