Michael Marshall Monoprints opened at Skoto Gallery on Thursday, March 1st, and remains on view through March 31st. What Marshall does with monoprints is at once magical and highly technical, producing texture, colors on colors, optical illusions fashioning new tonalities of blues and fire-engine reds juxtaposed against a verdant greens. His embossing, stitching effects are simply amazing. The energy at the opening was warm and effusive among the various friends, former classmates, and collectors who attended the debut of this soon-to-be-known, highly accomplished artist out of Hawaii. His works, exquisite gems, shone with magical color and rhythmic, musical notes at once bluesy American with classical European technique. The in and out and around movement, the cut-outs peek-a-boo overlapping, masking and unmasking of forms, evoke African sculpture, Japanese zen-like landscape, village scenes, cathedrals is a journey, an exploration requiring profound concentration to produce such immaculate lines and evocative forms.