Victor Hernández Cruz moved to New York at the age of five and now divides his time between Morocco, his native Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Elected to the Board of Chancellors of the Academy of American poets in 2008, Cruz was a finalist for the Lenore Marshall and Griffin Poetry Prizes. He won the World Heavyweight Championship in Poetry twice and was featured on Bill Moyers’ Peabody Award-winning series, Language of Life. He is also a Louis Reyes Rivera Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

The poetic narrative of Victor’s work has consistently earned him high praise and is a sensorial journey centered in his immigrant family experiences, his intense exploration of different lands and cultures and how they are inter-connected . Among his body of work are these earlier volumes of include Red Beans, Maraca, The Mountain in the Sea, Bi-Lingual Wholes, and Mainland. You are invited to meet this celebrated poet on November 13 at the Harlem Arts Salon. Bring your friends and family.

Publishers Weekly likened Cruz’s reading chops to

“…. a salsa band leader coaxing and challenging dancers to more and more complex steps, Cruz dares readers with dizzing polyrhythms, polymetric stanzas, backstepping word structures and a sense of improvisation.”

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