Brings it: a free summer arts camp and arts enrichment to kids in Grades K-12 in rural Southwestern (Gloster, Amite County) Mississippi. For the last three years,  our programs have provided distinguished artists as teachers and mentors  in music, literature and visual arts to help kids in the rural South to access their creativity.

What is The Gloster Arts Project?

Inspired by Rick Lowe‘s Houston-based Project Row Houses, “founded on the principle that art-and the community it creates-can be the foundation for revitalizing depressed inner-city neighborhoods” similarly, we believe the arts can revitalize rural America. Our goal is to bring professional artists who also have teaching experience to teach creative skills to youth in rural areas in Mississippi, like Gloster, provide cultural enrichment, and aid the economic revitalization of small rural towns by creating new jobs and inspiring youth to access their creativity and create the world they envision.


Today, there are no organized summer activities for youth in Gloster after school closes: no movie houses, no museums, no on-going summer programs. The Gloster Arts Project addresses and helps fulfill that need!

The Gloster Arts Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization eligible to receive charitable donations. For more information, visit

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